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in court. also give you the back story from gary tuchman. again, there are kids in the room, a warning, some of the details in the report are explicit. >> it is the court's decision that both of the defendants are hereby adjudicated delinquent beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts as charged. >> reporter: adjudicated delinquent. for minors, that's the legal term for guilty. the prosecutor then made her argument for punishment, at both defendants trent mays and malik richmond openly sobbed in court. they both faced a maximum sentence of being behind bars until their 21st birthdays. >> one other thing, they indicated absolutely no remorse for what happened to the victim. there was absolute disregard for another human being. it cannot go without [ inaudible ]. >> is there anything trent mays would like to say? >> i would truly like to apologize to [ muted ] my family and community. that's all, sir, thank you. >> reporter: malik richmond tearfully spoke directly to the victim's mother. >> i would like to apologize to you. i had no intention to do anything like that. i'm sorry. >> r
the man's steps that very night. gary burdette's steps that very night through his relatives to find out where he was, where he was going, what he was doing. it's all very, very curious. made even more curious by the fact that this sheriff's department, for whatever reason, refuses to return any of our calls, anderson oh. >> and they talked to you about not wanting you to stir up trouble, which, again, is just -- i find stunning they would say that to you. the first officer on the scene, the deputy sheriff billy lambert, is quoted by the local paper saying, "this man was a citizen of this county and deserves the attention that anyone else would get." but i mean, is there any indication that burdette's death got that attention? because, i mean, what he says is certainly true. but doesn't seem like he got that attention. >> it certainly seems that he didn't get any attention. for three-and-a-half years. perhaps now he's getting the attention that he and any citizen in this situation would. we can only hope that is indeed the case. it seems like the police are now doing the due diligence th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)